When to Get a Cataract Surgery

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Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Cataract is an eye condition that causes clouding of the lens which could greatly affect one’s vision. Normally, a person’s lens should be clear to allow the passage of light and see images clearly. Cataract is the reason why a person’s vision becomes blurry. A solution to that is a cataract surgery in Phoenix. While it may offer promising results, one still has a lot of things to consider before deciding to undergo a surgery.

No other treatment

Until now, there has been no eye medication that can prevent or reverse the formation of cataract. This is why the only treatment for this eye condition is the surgical removal of a person’s natural lens, which is cataract surgery. A person may address nearsightedness by wearing prescription glasses, but it does not treat the condition.

When to consider surgery

Simply because a cataract exists in a patient’s eyes does not mean that it should be removed right away. Some cataracts do not cause blurring of vision to a lot of people and do not even interfere with their daily activities. In these cases, it is unnecessary to undergo a cataract surgery.

Some individuals exhibit undesirable effects, though. Some patients could experience blurred vision which interferes with their reading, driving, and other hobbies. It is during this time that a patient may consider a cataract surgery.

When to remove cataract

It has been widely known that the lens may not be extracted from the eye safely unless it is already “ripe”. However, modern advancements have made it possible to remove the lens at any stage of its development. There are certain situations wherein it is safer to remove a cataract in its early stages; however, a patient shall not undergo cataract surgery if no blurring of vision is expected most of the times.

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