Preparing for Your Corneal Transplant

By: | Wednesday, July 30th, 2014 | Blog

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Although our corneas have the ability to quickly heal minor injuries before the occurrence of any visual disturbances, they are not able to heal deeper injuries. Not only that, this condition can permanently damage one’s vision.

In this case, a corneal transplant may be your best option. Before considering one, you will need to undergo a thorough eye examination with a qualified eye doctor. This is when exact measurements of your eye will be taken to identify any problems in your eyes that could affect surgery in any way.

It is important to make your doctor aware of any existing or previous medical conditions, as well as any prescription or over-the-counter medications that you are currently taking. Some of these meds may interfere with the outcomes of your corneal transplant, as well as your blood clotting abilities, and may have to be cut down.

Before the day of your surgery, your eye doctor will provide you certain instructions on how to prepare for your corneal transplant. These instructions may include the following:

Your cooperation is essential in having a smooth-flowing and successful surgery. If you think you need a corneal transplant or would like to learn more about the procedure, book an appointment with us today by calling 602-258-4321.



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