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By: | Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 | Blog

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

If you have been reading up on our website, you’ll see that we have enumerated some steps on how we treat dry eyes syndrome clinically at the Cornea Consultants in Arizona facility. However, if you cannot squeeze in time in your schedule to see a doctor about your dry eyes just yet, or if you’re looking for some useful home remedies that you can try out to manage the symptoms of dry eyes, please read on as we give you some of our most useful recommendations to help you cope with this condition.

  1. If you have only a mild case of dry eyes, over-the-counter artificial tears, lubricating eye appointments, or some generic eye drops should be able to work for you in the meantime.
  2. Keep your eyelids clean by using a warm washcloth over your eyes for a few minutes, or by gently rubbing it over the eyelids to remove dirt and other debris. Mild soap or baby shampoo may also be use to clean the eyelids and eyelashes, but be sure to rinse these off completely.
  3. Supplementing your diet and food rich in fatty acids such as walnuts, salmon, tuna, palm oil, flaxseed oil, sardines, or even eggs may also help relieve symptoms of dry eyes.
  4. Recent studies suggest that caffeine is able to increase the volume of tears that are produced by the eyes, making it a potential option for dry eye relief.

Tears are essential for the normal functioning and protection of our eyes, and in cases when they are inadequate, these suggestions could prove to be useful. If you have dry eyes, or think you may be experiencing some of the early symptoms, call us now at 602-258-4321 and schedule your personal appointment today.



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