Living with cataracts

By: | Friday, August 30th, 2013 | Blog

Friday, August 30th, 2013

We understand that it’s not an easy decision to get eye surgery. Many people that come in are apprehensive about the risks that come with these types of procedures and generally try to avoid them whenever they can. Even for patients with cataracts who know that they would need to have the condition corrected sooner or later, the option of surgery may still come with foreboding thoughts.


The experts at the Cornea Consultants of Arizona know how difficult it can be to be visually impaired, and so for our cataract patients who need a little more time deciding, we’ve put together these tips on how you can deal with your condition until you’ve made up your mind to come in for surgery.

  1. If you were using contact lenses or eyeglasses, make sure that you have the accurate prescription for your current acuity
  2. The clouding of your lenses may make it difficult to read so if necessary, use a magnifying glass to read finer print.
  3. Try to limit the times that you drive at night, or have somebody else do this for you
  4. If you can, install more or brighter lights in your home to help you see things better
  5. During the daytime activities, make an effort to wear your sunglasses or hats that will help reduce the glare of the morning sun

These measures are only temporary vision management steps that you can use, but this will not stop the progression of your cataracts, which means that your vision will still show signs of deterioration gradually. In cases where vision impairment becomes a hindrance to your everyday activities, cataract surgery will definitely need more serious consideration.

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