Corneal Transplant: What Comes After

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Friday, November 15th, 2013

Taking good care of the eyes does not end after they have already been treated. An eye problem does not only end after a corneal transplant has been done. It is important that necessary post-surgical instructions are strictly followed. This is to ensure maximum recovery and the prevention of possible complications. Corneal transplant in Arizona will give you the ideal results once you take responsibility of ensuring proper eye care, too.

After the surgery

Usually, a corneal transplant is an outpatient procedure so patients will be able to go home right after the surgery. Immediately after the treatment, the patient may feel soreness in the eyes so he or she will be advised to wear an eye patch over the affected eye for over four days. Eye drops and other medications will also be prescribe and should be taken by the patient regularly.

Long-term outcomes

Your eyes will still adjust to the treatment they have received, so it is possible for one’s vision to feel worse for a few months. There will be blurring of the vision, which is completely normal. When healing is complete, the thread that was used in the surgery will be removed by then. Some patients may notice a partial restoration of their vision, but until then, they are required to wear prescription eyewear. Full recovery of the sight could take up to one year. Until then, the eyes should be properly taken care of.

Taking care of the eye

It is important not to rub the eyes. The patient will not be able to do strenuous activity throughout the first weeks after corneal transplant, too. The patient can already return to their jobs in two to three weeks time only if it does not involve physical activities.

Proper eye care is definitely important after a corneal transplant. To know more about how you can look after your eyes, give Dr. Robert H. Gross and his team of competent doctors a call at 602-258-4321.


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