Cornea Transplant- Visual Miracles Coming Real

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Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Nature has bestowed upon us a number of different blessings and creations. One of the greatest blessings is man himself – the human body is no less than a miracle. Every single body is a system in itself, which fulfills a vast set of activities, and we forget the importance of these blessings until we are devoid of them. Sight is amongst the most unique gifts of God, enabling us to see and cherish our surroundings. Sometimes, however, vision, or, the proper functioning of the eyes, deteriorates due to functional disorders.

Thankfully, surgical procedures are now available to repair and correct eye ailments and malfunctions. Eye surgeries and corneal transplants provide a ray of hope for all those who have long awaited the treatment of previously incurable eye ailments. Cornea & Cataract Consultants of Arizona facilitate these needs.

Procedural details of a Cornea Transplant

Cornea transplant is a surgical treatment which treats the clear outer portion of the eye. The procedure is also referred as a corneal grafting. Corneal grafting usually requires a healthy cornea from a donor. In some cases, a portion of the cornea needs to be changed, and in other cases, the entire cornea itself.

Corneal transplants result in the following improvements:

Surgery is performed in conjunction with the consultation of a board of doctors and medical specialists. The recovery period after surgery may vary from patient to patient, depending upon the patient’s health. All patients will be monitored post-surgery for optimal performance and results.


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