Caring for Your Eyes After Laser Eye Surgery

By: | Sunday, June 15th, 2014 | Blog

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Patients who have undergone laser eye surgery, or LASIK, could be psyched about the improvement of their eyesight. However, it is important to remember that caring for your eyes does not end or lax even after your eyes have been treated. In fact, it is all the more necessary to take proper caution when doing eye care.

Immediately after surgery

Right after surgery, you may already be able to go home with your doctor’s approval, but you should assign someone to drive you home. You could expect mild discomfort in your eyes, such as itching and reddening of the whites of your eyes, but these symptoms are only temporary and may be alleviated with medications prescribed to you. Take these medications religiously as prescribed. Avoid rubbing the eyes to prevent any risk of corneal flap displacement.

Days and weeks after surgery

For the first few days after surgery, your eyes may feel sensitive to touch and could water often. Your body will eventually adjust to your improved eyesight and by then, you will already be able to resume your daily activities. For a week or two following LASIK surgery, your doctor may advise you to avoid applying creams, lotions, or makeup anywhere near your eyes. You may also be advised to avoid getting water to enter your eyes when washing the face or bathing. Swimming in pools and bathing in hot tubs may be prohibited for one to two months.

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