Cataract Surgery in Phoenix

What is premium cataract surgery?


It is very common for our practice, Cornea Consultants of Arizona to treat cataract patients in the Phoenix clinic.  We explain that cataract is a condition which causes the clouding of the lens that greatly affects vision.  Normally, a person’s lens is clear which allows light to pass through freely so the patient can see well-defined images.  But if the eye becomes opaque due to cataract, then the patient’s eyes becomes blurry.

Cornea Consultants of Arizona lists the different types of cataracts that our practices in Phoenix usually treats:

What are the symptoms of cataracts?

We recommends visiting an eye doctor when you experience any of the following symptoms:

How are cataracts treated?

If cataracts are mild and at an early stage, vision can be improved by prescribing a new set of eyeglasses, ensuring brighter lighting in your home or work area, using anti-glare sunglasses, and using magnifying glasses when reading.  But if any of these solutions don’t work, your eye doctor might suggest getting surgery to treat your cataract.  Doctors would only suggest removing a cataract once we see that the vision loss because of this condition interferes with your everyday activities.

Treatment will involve removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with artificial ones.  You have 2 options when you want your cataracts removed; these are Phacoemulsification and Extracapsular surgery.  It is important to have a very thorough consultation with your eye doctor to make sure that both of you have all the necessary information to determine the best treatment plan for you.



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